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What is Air Boat?

This fun activity will challenge your balance in water movements ! Air Boat is much more stable than traditional kayaks, it also has the advantage of being insubmersible.
Supervision by our instructors present on the edge of the pool.

From what age is it practiced Air Boat?

Air Boating is practiced from 12 years old.
However, you must know how to swim and bring your swimsuit and towel. We provide you with the rest of the equipment.

Sportivity score 5/5

How to book a session?

You want to become the master of the Air Boat and share refreshing moments with family or friends, don’t hesitate and contact us here !

How much does it cost?

Our prices are 25€ per person.

We also offer a reduced rate of €22 for students, job seekers and RSA beneficiaries (up to 18 years old and upon presentation of proof).

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