what is a whitewater stadium

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How does it work?

There are two main categories of ponds: semi-natural and artificial.

  • The semi-natural pools are in already existing waterways, designed for the practice of white water sports, with the establishment of secure access areas and equipment for competitions.
  • Artificial ponds are distinguished from each other by their modes of operation.
    • The first mode of operation is gravity. In this, water diverted from an existing river is returned at the end of its course.
    • The second mode of operation is done with the pumping method. The water from the arrival basin is raised to the departure basin via pumps. The flow rates are adjustable, they can be adapted to the activities carried out on the site.
    • The last mode of operation is tidal. In this case, in an estuary, the water is stored at high tide then released along the route at low tide.

Between Mazères-Lezons and Gelos, a dam is erected in the Gave de Pau and offers a 2% difference in altitude to the basin!

centre de controle

Step 1

It all starts at the self-regulating control center . This center is connected to a control station located in the Club House. It coordinates the entire operation of the valves.

It's all about entering the desired flow power into the computer, between 7 m3/s to 14 m3/s depending on users and sports practices, and the different valves will change positions to meet the demand . The first valve (V1) therefore makes it possible to supply water to the Heïd canal.

canal heid

Step 2

At the end of the Heïd canal , three locks regulate the flow of canal water. Valve 4 (V4) is the one which regulates the entry of water into the departure basin.

When it is closed, the stadium is no longer supplied with water, which also allows for a calmer, power-free starting pool.

vanne v5

Step 3

At the entrance to the course there is another valve (V5) , this allows you to manage the intensity of the flow in the 300 meter course of the Aquasports Park.

The course is a series of rapids mixing waves and rollers which gives its character to the Stadium. On arrival, a valve (V6) allows the water to be evacuated and returned to the Gave de Pau using a return canal.

Thus, with this gravity operation, the water taken from the Gave upstream of the dam is returned downstream. It is therefore an ecological operation because the efficiency is zero.

mode de fonctionnement mixte

Step 4

In situations of lack of water, the Aquasports Park uses a mixed mode of operation in addition to the contribution from the Gave.

Pumps are used to raise water from the inlet basin to the outflow basin. A mode operating only by pumping is also possible but not used at the Aquasports Park

canal sous ponton

Step 5

In the event of excess water in the departure basin, a channel located under the pontoon allows the water to be released into the evacuation channel. This canal is connected to the Heïd canal by the V3 valve . Water can also be discharged at the treadmill with the V7 valve.

The V2 valve , for its part, is used to regulate the flow of water which allows a hydraulic power plant to be cooled.

To be in line with its values ​​linked to respect for the environment, the Aquasports Park does everything in its power to operate the infrastructure without pumps, and therefore consuming as little electrical energy as possible.